We launched the milk chocolate in 2017 which was a huge success. We're constantly trying to perfect our recipe to give our customers a milk chocolate bar that is truly delicious. 


Valentines Day is an incredibly important day for all couples and we treated the Vincentian Market to these beautifully hand crafted chocolate hearts. We mixed up the bags with dark chocolate and also rum & raisin milk chocolate. 


The last two years we have sent of special edition chocolate over to the UK to Prestat Chocolate. Then then mould our chocolate into a stunning Easter egg. This egg in the photo was given to a very special client of theirs. 


Our chocolate was showcased at the London Chocolate Show in London, UK. It went down extremely well with many customers coming back saying that it was the best chocolate they had tasting at the show.


After only a year making chocolate, we entered our bars into the Academy of Chocolate Awards and amazingly we won Bronze.

We took a break from chocolate making and sponsored a band at Carnival. A great experience and it was great to support local businesses.